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City of Herculaneum

Ercolano(up to 1969 Resina) is an Italian town of 53 057 inhabitants in the province of Naples in Campania. 
Ercolano is world famous for the archaeological excavations of the Roman city founded, according to legend, Hercules and destroyed by eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD; together with those of Pompeii and Oplontis, are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. 
The part of Corso Resina that the archaeological excavations of up to Torre del Greco is called Miglio d’oro (the Golden Mile) to the splendid villas of the eighteenth century aligned to its sides. 
From Ercolano is the road that leads to the Gran Cono of Vesuvius for a visit to the crater.


Population: 54 141 people

Prefix: 081

Zip Code: 80056

Mayor: Vincenzo Strazzullo

Website City:

Proloco Website: /ProLocoErcolano

Municipal police: 081 7881400

Local inhabitants: ercolanesi

Patron Saint: St. Mary of the Assumption – August 15

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