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The Bikini

The Bikini

The Bikini is a touristic sea complex located in the town of Vico Equense, in one of the most beautiful bays of the Sorrentina Peninsula.
For over fifty years the history of the Scarselli family is identified with the bay of Bikini. They dedicated lots of efforts and time to continuous improvement and renewal of facilities, as well as giving higher services to customers.
The goal of the family is to take complete and loving care of their guests.

From the small and cozy original establishment organized for a group of friends, and immediately characterized by an image that became known around the world – the two palm trees on the atoll, which marks the boundary of the harbor – the complex has gradually established what is now a strong and dynamic family tradition. In various ways and levels of increasing professionalism, the innate vocation for hospitality has developed the ancient taste of well-being-together, within the background of a lovingly protected and brought to light beautiful nature,, of an Italian tree park and a seascape that is an island of comfort and serenity.

Born more than fifty years ago as a simple beach place, today The Bikini has a full range of relaxation and fun, which starts in the morning and can go up until night. The sea complex indeed provides its customers with a beach equipped with all necessary services and with a unique landscape scenery as a backdrop and a crystal clear sea where it’s a joy to get into.

In addition, in our restaurant you can taste all the specialties of the Gulf of Naples and the Amalfi Coast, and organize events and ceremonies for very special occasions. Finally, for lovers of nightlife, our club will be the perfect place for your events where you will be overwhelmed by the seductive charm of a night of fun, until the first light of dawn.

From an idea of the Scarselli family, The Bikini is synonymous with kindness, courtesy and quality: customers will find a friendly and affable place, in which the experience provided by a long family tradition will merge with the marvels of a landscape without equal, capable of delivering prosperity and tranquility to those who have the desire to spend some good time here.