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The uniqueness of this area enclosed between the majestic volcano and the Gulf of Naples offers amazing and multiple landscapes and natural resources. Views of great beauty, nature reserves, coastal areas and Vesuvius with its National Park from which starts this wonderful route, represent the basic steps of a fascinating and enchanting journey.
Vesuvius, the active volcano among the most famous volcanos in the world is visited by thousands of trekkers and visitors, sensitive to the charm of the Great Cone and the strong energy that the underground magma spreads to the surrounding environment.
The climb to the Great Cone is not the only reccomended tourist activity, along the way you will meet the Creator Vesevo, a contemporary art museum at open air. You can admire the lava sculptures of 10 international artists. Even the Vesuvius Observatory worth a stop on its interesting collection of instruments from the last centuries.
To explore the scenic beauty and wildlife of the park there are nine paths made of different natural features and landscapes, from the most tortuous and wild, to that harmonious articulated and easily practicable for families. Among the most famous there are: the rack railway, along the cognoli, the river of lava, the valley of hell. Itineraries are in some cases very simple, but it is always recommended to consult guides and escorts.
Healthy environment, fishy sea, strategic location were the extraordinary elements that led the King Charles of Bourbon to realize in 1774, the port of Granatello, so called because of the presence in the area of an old plantation of pomegranate trees. So Portici experienced its first port that after several structural changes proved to be a real treasure for the economy.
As strategic asset for the city, the harbor is a historic beauty to be revalued: the area, in fact, is involved in restyling that does not deface the rich environment of excellence.