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The consortium

The Consortium Costa del Vesuvio aggregates tourist operators that cooperate and share common development objectives for the Vesuvian territory.
Hotel Marad, Miglio d’Oro Park Hotel, Villa Signorini, Donadio Corals, The Tourist Restaurant of Pompeii, NMK_ Adv, Cantalamessa Insurance, Beducci Group, MAV Virtual Archaeological Museum, Bikini, Luma Events, Isi Congress, Di Paolo Productions, Aphrodite Service and Viva lo Re are the members of the Consortium and represent, from years, strongly rooted companies in the territory, that aim to market their products, represent the needs of the district toward the institutions and create job opportunities. The beauty of this region, rich in history and culture, that stretches along the coast between Naples and Sorrento at the slopes of Vesuvius, with its Vesuvius National Park, is a real treasure for tourism.
The excavations of Pompeii, Herculaneum and Oplontis, Vesuvian Villas, the Royal Palace of Portici, the Pietrarsa Museum, the National Park of Vesuvius, and other important sites known all over the world, are part of a tourist district of great natural and cultural value.
Local marketing strategies, sales and advertising web sales actions, promotion activities of the area nationally and internationally, represent the core business of the Consortium Costa del Vesuvio. Not far from Naples and especially by the great hub of the port of Naples and of Capodichino Airport, these companies are ready to offer its guests the ideal holiday for those who love tourism where the places of art and history are a a living heritage to visit and enjoy at the slopes of Vesuvius